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You owe it to yourself to look at how ownership of a site at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort could fit into your vacation plans, your future retirement plans, and your investment portfolio.  Ownership can serve all three goals at the same time.  The Resort management provides a turn-key rental program which provides a return on your investment and you can lock-in your costs immediately.

How does Ownership work?

Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort is a co-operative ownership Florida corporation.  All of the Bryn Mawr real property and common elements (fronting on the Atlantic Ocean and on US A1A) are owned by the Corporation,  There are 250 individual stockholders of the Corporation.  Each of the 250 sites is separately leased to a stockholder under a one-year proprietary lease with automatic annual renewal.  Therefore, each "owner" owns one share of stock and the proprietary lease for a specific site.  Campsites are typically placed with Resort Management for rental to transient guests when the owner is not using the site.  

Each owner is responsible to pay the monthly assessment (and special assessments, if any), water and electric utilities, and any repairs specific to their site.  Rental revenue is shared under a management agreement.  All of the other expenses relating to the Resort (including real property taxes and insurance) are handled by the Resort Management for the Corporation.

A list of sites available for sale by current owners is available upon request from the Resort Office.

Park Model Ownership

Some owners have placed a park model manufactured home on their site.  The Park Rules and By-Laws prescribe strict guidelines for the size and set-backs required for Park Models.  Some of these owners live at Bryn Mawr a substantial part of the year.  Some use their sites exclusively from time to time, leaving the unit vacant when the owner or friends are away.  Many Park Model owners place their unit for rental with the Resort Management (and use the unit only occasionally).  Park models are licensed as a trailer with annual Florida license plates required.  Additional liability insurance is required when placing Park model units in the rental program.

Many owners purchase sites for current or future retirement purposes or to assure the ability to come to the area whenever they wish without the hassle of hotel rooms.  We believe an investment in Bryn Mawr ownership can be a wise decision and a smart addition to an investment portfolio.  Information and a list of sites "For Sale by Owner" are available at the Resort Office.  Come and visit and you will see why so many people have chosen to invest in Bryn Mawr.

[Ownership transfers are transactions between current owners and future owners. The Resort acts to approve prospective new owners, to transfer the stock on the Corporate Records, and issue new leases.  This information is not a solicitation for purchase of ownership interests, but is provided for information purposes only.  Any person wanting to purchase a site must contact the current owner for specific details and terms.]

Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort
4850 A1A South
St. Augustine, FL  32084
PHONE: (904) 471-3353 - (888)768-9638
FAX: (904) 471-8730

email: bresort@comcast.net

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(Please call the Resort to obtain a list of sites For Sale)

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